#CapÀviaSense: More than 45,000 meals, for more than 2,000 grandmothers!At Marc Martí we feel deeply proud of having been able to do our bit in this fantastic initiative of the Txapeldun Foundation
The FineArt Igualada Festival is a photography event that features the works of photographers from all over the world. The exhibitions are spread over several ephemeral photographic showrooms. One of
Marc Martí has once again triumphed in the 21st edition of the Letra Awards, which recognise the best national visual communication and marketing works of the whole of 2019. We have won a Golden Le
The Terrassa Cultural Centre has entrusted Marc Martí with the creation of four canvases to cover the front of the old Terrassa courts, advertising this magnificent ballet nerve centre in Catalonia
The PALMADOTZE gallery (palmadotze.com) celebrates 30 years of artistic career, and does so by opening the exhibition " Miralda + Muntadas. M&M", by the artists Antoni Miralda and Antoni Muntadas,
Like every year, Marc Martí bets for the most important artists in the country
The CPrint Madrid room hosted last Wednesday, September 26, the ceremony for the delivery of the #Apé Awards 2018 Apdigitales
Marc Martí incorporates an Acuity HS X36 from Fujifilm into his machine park.