2021 EL HUB INAUGURAL MARKETING vinil publiicitari

Historic milestone for Marketing and Communication in Catalonia: The HUB of the sector is born in the district of technology and creativity: 22 @, in Poblenou!

The College of Marketing and Communication of Catalonia and Aticco, launch a space as a reference of activity, institutional representation and acceleration engine of the sector. The HUB has the institutional support of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Diputació de Barcelona, the Ajuntament de Barcelona and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

For the inauguration, Marc Martí dressed different spaces of the College, with permanent and mobile elements, which serve both for the day to day, and for events and presentations. A design made by the advertising agency EVIL LOVE. 

The large size adhesive vinyl stickers in the office area, the cut vinyls for the presentation area, and also an XXL photocall and an advertising rollup, with the possibility of using them in other actions. Elements that reinforce the will and principles of the College and its members.

Visual communication at an event is essential, and Marc Martí are specialists, being able to create any kind of visual communication and visual advertising element, whether static or mobile. 

We can create all kinds of volumetric design elements, illuminated, die-cut... We have no limits in digital printing, on rigid materials or textiles. Furthermore, we can also offer ecological advertising alternatives, such as elements made with structural cardboard, which help brands to reinforce their environmental commitment.

At Marc Martí we have adapted to the new reality, with all the COVI19 protocols and all the security measures.

We continue to be tireless, printing your ideas on a daily basis!

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BEHIND THE MASK: Tribute to the Heroes of the Pandemic

Proyecto behind the mask Barcelona 

For Marc Martí, the Behind the Mask project gives a new dimension to the work of health workers and at the same time generates a dialogue with the everyday life of the neighbourhoods. By sticking these portraits all over Barcelona, we bring their reality closer to that of the rest of the citizens. They are posters that make us reflect, value and remember all their effort and dedication. A struggle that, after a year, continues tirelessly.

Behind the Mask is a social project that aims to raise public awareness of the importance of the work of health workers and to offer society as a whole a collective opportunity for recognition and gratitude, through an urban and digital intervention. The initiative, promoted by the Mandaruixa Design studio and Co-Laboratori, proposes a creative look at the situation created by the pandemic with multiple approaches: from the testimonies and experiences of health, administrative and service staff working in hospitals, to patients and families.

With this action, Barcelona wants to join other capitals around the world that have expressed their gratitude for the work of health workers through large-format photographic exhibitions (Paris, New York), documentaries (Venice) and street posters (London). These campaigns attracted the attention of designers Sergi Parreño and Maya Rolando of the Barcelona studio Mandaruixa Design. "We saw that in the big capitals there were thank-you campaigns that used art and design. In contrast, in our country there was a lack of initiatives of this type and, in the midst of confinement, we decided to promote the Behind the Mask project", they explain.

With the launch of the project, hundreds of images of faces of health professionals wearing masks are being reproduced, distributed and exhibited using all available urban communication media in Barcelona. Thus, a collaboration agreement has been established with Renfe and Cercanías de Cataluña and, since the first week of April, the posters have been placed on their advertising supports. At the same time, the company Marc Martí, which manages advertising media, has joined the project and will hang posters of the campaign in various places around Barcelona. The printing of the posters will be carried out by HP, with its collaborative printing technologies, together with Kammerer, the paper supplier.

So far, 1,000 posters have been printed with a size of 70x100, 2000 DIN-A3 and 40 120x176cms. They can already be seen hanging in the streets of Barcelona and in different vending machines of the Renfe-Cercanías de Cataluña network and mupis.

 The action can also be found on the screens inside Renfe trains as well as on its website and social networks. At the same time, the company Marc Martí will distribute the large-format posters on its advertising columns throughout the city of Barcelona. The small-format posters will be distributed to shops and establishments in the city.

Behind the Mask in Hospitals

In addition, work is being done to bring Behind the Mask to the main hospitals in the country so that photographs of healthcare staff can also cover part of the façades of the centres where they work. The Hospital del Mar has already confirmed its participation in the project with its associated centres (Hospital de la Esperanza, Centro Forum and Centro Doctor Emili Mira), which will be the backdrop for the initiative, paying tribute to their staff. At the same time, the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital has also recently joined the project and, in the coming weeks, both health centres will place the Behind The Mask images of their staff in their facilities. 

A repository with all the stories

Each of the images incorporates a unique identifying QR code that links to the project website and reveals the identity and story of the person behind the mask. The website will function as a repository for all the images provided individually and digitally processed. In addition, the hashtag #behindthemask_life has been activated on social networks so that citizens can share photographs of the campaign posters scattered around the city.

A project that wants to break down borders

The team behind the project wants the initiative to grow to other cities in Catalonia and Spain and, in fact, the project's website already includes photographs and testimonies from all over Spain, with health workers from Barcelona, Tarragona, Tortosa, Bilbao, Valladolid and Madrid.

"Basically, we want to offer public recognition to a whole sector that every day fights battles, terrible, sad but also hopeful stories, beyond numbers and statistics. We want to show that all this happens behind the masks to which we have become accustomed. But behind them there are professionals who are people like us, with their lives, their stories, their problems, who are still here to help us and give us their best professional side", say Sergi Parreño and Maya Rolando from Mandaruixa Design.

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Documentary Astrid: Today on TV3 at 22:05 h!


Marc Martí with documentary film! Proud to be part of and participate in the @astrid_documentary project by author @mgalver and Paralympic athlete @astridfinap.

Today, premiere on Televisió de Catalunya (TV3), at 22:05 h, and also online at SENSE FICCIÓ portal.

We are specialists in printing and producing elements for any kind of event, like this XXL rollup used as a photocall, as well as banners, die-cut elements, signage, posters, banners ...

From 1977 to today, impressing your ideas!

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Obra mural del artista yturralde en la fachadfa del ivam, impreso por marc martí valencia

In Marc Martí Valencia, we printed and installed a 9 x 9 meters macro canvas, with the work 'Hathor', by the author José María Yturralde (National Prize of Plastic Arts 2020). This monumental piece can be found on the facade of the Valencian Institute of Modern Art, until May 30 this year. This work of digital printing in large format, has been made entirely in our warehouse, by our workers and technicians. The whole process of assembly and installation has also been developed by us.

This vibrant circle represents the artist's research on Egyptian, Japanese and Greek cultures. A natural connection between art and science. In addition, this work completes the exhibition 'Imaginarios mecánicos y técnicos de la colección del IVAM', where you can see five more works by the author, with his work at the Centro de Cálculo de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

In Marc Martí Valencia, we have the capacity to produce any type of advertising element for outdoor visual communication, thanks to our technical team, our workshop, and our production capacity. We have the most advanced technology to make all your projects possible.

We are also referents in the printing of works for plastic and visual artists, with a great flexibility and capacity to adapt to the specific needs that often require these artistic works. The fidelity of the colors, the shapes, or the photographs themselves, are essential in the resolution of the final pieces. We put ourselves at the customer's service, to achieve exactly the result they are looking for, focusing on the materials and techniques used. We have a large catalog of products and services, which allow us to satisfy all needs.

If you would like to ask us any questions, visit our warehouse, or have us come to you, you can send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us directly at 96356 28 30. We will be pleased to help you in any aspect of your project.

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